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After the success of my 1st edition I have decided to republished a revised version.

I have listened to all the amazing feedback and have changed some cards to fit better with the deck.

They will be wider cards, have new backs and boarders, be in a rigid box and contain a booklet.

All pre orders will be signed and will be £5 less as incentive for the extra wait time. I will update everybody regularly on how the project is coming along.

Because self publishing is so expensive the only way I can afford to do this is by doing pre orders and I need to get 50 pre orders to make this viable.

If at anytime whilst you are waiting for your cards and no longer wish to purchase I will offer a credit note for the amount as you can understand giving refunds if anybody was to change their mind could jeopardise the project.

Blessed be.

I will be expecting a sample deck soon and will update the website with images when I have these.