About Me

I have always known deep down that I should spend my life creating art, I knew this from a very young age. I came from a single parent family and things were very hard for my mother. I  found myself having to take a very different route to where I always assumed I would travel. My mother took her own life when I was a teenager. I cant even explain how lost and deeply sad I was at this stage in my life. However, time is a healer and I become more optimistic and more fearless over the years. I think this comes when you know you have lived through what you feel was your worst moments and pain and survived, life might kill you but it gunna have a hard time breaking you so just be brave, take life by the horns and live in the moment. That's how I roll. Pretty much being total non sensible and not really dealing with a day jobs I feel a massive need to follow my creative flow. People call artistic ability a gift, and it is, but it not just a gift for the artist, it a gift that has to be shared with others.  I feel compelled to create art. Sometimes i don't know where stuff comes from, I have had more than one prophetic image come to me over the years. I very much in tune with nature and have pagan beliefs. I feel a great affinity with the great mother. Like my own mother, a deeply beautiful soul, full of compassion, but also brutal with the circle of life and death.

Art can help us make sense of the world, my art often provides a save place for animals to exist outside human control.

I live in West Yorkshire with my 2 rescue dogs, and often do makers, craft and vegan markets I will be putting up dates of where to find me. I love to meet new people ans generally chat about anything as community is very important to me.

Blessings Angela xx