Earth Whispers Tarot Meanings


The Earth Whispers Tarot took me 4 years to complete. Many (probably more commercial) designs were scrapped and some of the design decisions are pretty controversial.

I have had a few people want a more detailed descriptions of the cards, and possibly my thinking behind it, so this is the deeper meanings of these cards.

But before I get into all that let me tell you what Earth Whispers is about. The tarot has been a tool for centuries and I when I discovered the tarot I was drawn to not only the occult meanings of the cards, but also the everyday psychological references and how much of it mirrored Jungian and Freudian philosophy. With this approach to tarot I became a pretty good Tarot reader and used to do it professionally in the 90’s. My mindset is very pagan, and i believe in the divinity of nature and all its creatures. And this deck largely is about the wisdom of the Earth and what it would say to us if it can. With that in mind you may understand some the more obscure decisions I have made with this deck.






0 The Earth-Child. Innocence, purity of being, newness. A new start, naivety in the sense as not seeing dangers.

Traditional this card is The Fool. However in today’s world the word ‘Fool’ doesn’t really go with the meaning most of us have when we think of a Fool, which is largely negative. The Earth Child is a positive card. It is a clean slate, with no pre conceived ideas or prejudices, completely egoless and open to new ideas. It’s our inner child. When this card is drawn it means newness, maybe a new baby or animal or idea that you will have to nurture. It can also mean the need to wipe your mind of preconceived ideas and start a fresh.


1 The Magician Mastery, highly skilled, often a great communicator, holding a power that they know how to harness. Can be a good trickster. Traditionally the Magicians planetary influence was Mercury. Mercury as a planet is never far from the sun. And likewise the Magician is never far from their source of power. They keep their skills in their sight and always make sure they utilise them. Some people might think they have magical powers, however they just understand the laws of attraction and know how to get to it to work for them. When this card is drawn it draws special attention to your innate skills, are these skills being used, what do you really want to achieve? And what are you doing or not doing.


2 The High Priestess The wise one, a person who trusts their intuition and is respected. They can often appear scary as they look like they can see into your soul. The high priestess is predominantly an energy or a person who knows how to harness that energy. It is that intangible inclination of connectedness and intuition. Sometimes when you feel this energy you feel an awareness of otherworldliness, a sense of things behind the veil. The energy is quite mystical and can be quite unexplainable. If you get the High Priestess is your higher self trying to reach out to you, have you been having reoccurring dreams? If you get a strong gut feeling about something you absolutely must listen to it.


3 Mother Nature The part of you who is your root and where you came from. The ultimate creator, but this is part of all of us, the equal and opposite to Hierarchy and often at odds with it. So this is a replacement for the Empress, in traditional deck you have an Emperor and an Empress. I didn’t want to endorse the idea that women play the number two to men, so replaced this card with a Gaia like figure. As Humans we have pretty much made up the rules regarding gender roles and identity. However these are now being questioned, quite rightly. In Jungian Philosophy, he says we have both male and female characteristics and it’s pretty much up to us how we balance these energies. We have opposite side in our psyches for a Woman is the Animas and a man it’s the Anima. In our every changing fastpaced world ruled by consciousness we are (regardless of our gender identity) we are living with very masculine energy and failing to embrace the feminine. This card reminds you to respect nature, respect life and death, make time for inner self and nature and that its takes strength to allow yourself to feel emotions and have compassion and to not take your ego and opinions so seriously. Because really they don’t matter.


4 Hierarchy The domineering part of our natures. Can be used in either a noble way or a very disruptive way. An energy that is too dominant. The polar opposite of Mother Nature (please read this card meaning also to get more insight) Now this card has been one that has caused a bit of controversy. One of the things I wanted this deck to do is speak up for the earth, what would our planet say. We live in a world that actually saw fit to elect a man like Donald Trump to be the leader of the free world. Even though he is no longer president he still wields and ungodly amount of power. This kind of need for power, the ego, the wanting wealth, to bulldoze and build over anything with little or no regards of the environment it might damage, this is something that is on all of us. It reminds us that with great power comes great reasonability and you must always hold yourself accountable. It reminds you to keep your ego in check. Its a lucky card if your building something new, be it a house or a business, or starting a new job, however it’s a reminder that you must always check in on yourself. Don’t let success go to your head.


5 The Hierophant Often holding secret knowledge that is shared conservatively. The status quo and concerned about order and control. Can also represent institutions. The Hierophant is closely linked to the High Priestess. In a way it’s the consciousnesses way of making sense of the intangible insights. However because it’s these ideas on the conscience plain it’s very open to interpretation. In that sense this card can be both positive and negative. It can represent old dogmatic systems, or it can represent places of learning or places of creating better connections to others.


6 The Lovers  Synergy and working well with another in any kind of partnership, not just romantic. The Lovers can also represent a better balance of anima/animas energies. Traditionally the lovers was also about choice. If this is the case it can often mean not just multiple opportunities/people to choice from. Any decisions you make have to be made with both your heart and your head otherwise they might lead to feeling of regret.


7 The Chariot A stage in life where you see many roads, and you have many ideas often feel conflicted, often about head and heart. Often indicates travel or needing to travel. Imagine sitting with a road map, and you only have a vague idea of your destination. This is all well and good if your seeking experiences, however if you do have a definite idea of your destination you will need to plan your route somewhat. Often when this card is drawn there in an inclination to just throw caution to the wind and just go with the adventure, you can be sure that adventure does await if that is what you are seeking.


8 Strength This is about inner strength, the strength to be different, the strength to care in an uncaring world. Heightened compassion. The saying what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger is very relevant for this card. Often it’s what others perceive as our weaknesses that give us our greatest strength. I used an image an animal rights activist Wesley Omar, liberating a pig from a factory farm on this card. Wesley is animal lover and a vegan, these things are often seen as being a weakness and sentimental, but in truth they are the complete opposite. It takes great strength to care in this world. It take strength to treat others with kindness when you are dealing with your own struggles. This card is a reminder that firstly whatever battles you are facing, you aren’t alone, even if it feels like it, and also you got this, you can do it.


9 The Hermit The need for introspection and aloneness, finding yourself. It’s not easy being truly alone in the modern world, what with work commitments and especially with social media. There is always somebody somewhere wanting to pollute your mind with their own thoughts or ideas, sometimes its get so much we can lose sight of who we are. This card is a reminder that you must find a way switch off sometimes.


10 The Wheel Time, seasons, good luck and bad luck, all come and go. This too shall pass’ reminds us to live in the moment. Because of the nature of this card, its appearance amplifies the meaning of the other cards around it. If Festivals or Equinoxes are present then these times of the year have extra importance.


11 Justice can mean justice, but also cosmic  balance meaning sometimes outcomes can seem confusing. Mostly this card will mean mundane things like court cases, dealing with legal issues, squabbling with neighbour about fences. The card on it own won’t predict any sort of outcome it’s important to look at the other cards in the spread for this. As far as Cosmic Balance is concerned, these are those strange incidences where fate steps in. Often being in the right place at the right time, sometimes this seems bizarre like somebody having a minor car accident, being taken to hospital, then meeting the love of their live in the waiting room. Whereas the car will go to a mechanic who really needs the work to be able to make a payment on their home. (that’s just an example, that doesn’t mean it will happen to you  J ) However it’s a reminder that sometimes things happen to people that don’t deserve it, and this can mean karmic balance at play.


12 The Hanged One Being vilified for who you are. But having the strength of character to rise above it. This is another controversial one as I use a noosed woman and my though process here was going in the direction of the Salam witch trials, where mostly wise and independent women and sometimes men that didn’t confirm where persecuted for this. This is symbolic of anybody dealing with old fashioned and bigoted idealisms and who are questioned for whom they are and their life choices. If this card appears there could be some quite serious bigoted views, either from you or directed at you, they can be very destructive if you let them, you need to stand strong, and stay true. You may have to revaluate you own outdated opinions.  


13 Death  the only certainty of life. It takes away but it also nourishes a deeper part of us. Death often looks scary in spreads, mostly it denotes endings and a chance for new things to flourish over time. This is another card that will needs to be read based on the other cards in the spread to gain a deeper understanding. Obviously it can represent a physical death, or serious illness. It’s a reminder that you are mortal and to actually life your life. Often the fear of death, rejection or embarrassment can be the things that really stop us from living.


14 Temperance The inner wealth that comes from living a balanced existence and keeping your unhealthy urges under control. The image on this card has a very special person on it. She was called Sophie (RIP my dear friend) and was my best friend and soul sister. She embodies Temperance. When I first met her we clicked straight away, we were both East Londoners women living in Yorkshire. However Sophie was a functioning alcoholic, meaning she could hide her addiction and seemingly function and excel at work. I have never known anybody battle so many inner demons as my dear friend. Her addiction took her to the brink of death and then she turned her life around. In the short time she was alive she become a mentor to others struggling like she did and through this support she gave others saved many peoples lives. Temperance is in a sense a guardian Angel, it could be either your higher self or one of those people that come in to your life at the right time.


15 The Shadow Self Being a slave to your desires, the wanting that leads to dissatisfaction and the feeling of ‘I will be happy when....’ This card has caused some issues with people regarding the word slave and the image of a being in what appears a white mask. Firstly I just want to clarify that the image or the wording do not have any learning towards white supremacy, however white supremacy it’s certainly part of the more insidious shadow or lower self. There are lessons to this card, in a way it could be seen as the ID and acting unconsciously and selfishly. The shadow is an important part of who were are, we often repress our deepest desires and this repression often makes those desires become a little sinister. For example somebody who is just craving love, but is too proud to admit it, might become vain and narcissistic. The shadow is often a neglected inner child that has been left to go feral.


16 Tower A major event or upheaval that can be life changing, But there are lessons here and often you emerge a better version of you. When things go really wrong, either for you or others, you feel a deeper part of you emerge. A perfect blend of strong action energy combined with compassion, this is the sort of energy that changes the world, and it’s often formed in the pit of feeling helpless. It’s the energy and emotions most of us felt when we saw the tragedy of 911, or when we hear about people fleeing from war and being stranded on sinking boats, those awful Tsunamis and earthquakes that cause so much wreckage and heartache etc. It’s the sort of shock awakening that makes you want to make the world a better place, and often gets you to count your own lucky stars.


17 The Star Hope, lucky events. Sometimes life just feels like everything is in alignment, you meet the right people at the right time and you feel grateful for your life and hopeful. These kinds of good things happen when you have allowed yourself to be authentic.


18 The Moon Confusion, dreams your intuition is trying to get through to you but can seem jumbled. The moon is closely aligned with the high priestess. And it’s often seen as our sub consciousness. However because the modern world with all its distractions makes the connection to this part of nature very muffled with terrible feedback (like a poor mobile phone reception) your sub-consciousness is having a bit of trouble communicating with your consciousness. The moon is the earth’s satellite and its meaning can sometimes get lost on translation. Because of this you will need to find a way to still your mind so that the signal can come through.


19 The Sun Warmth, Hope, Family, all the things that make you smile. We revolve around the sun, and is very much our consciences. It our major source of energy, it what’s makes the plants that feed us grow, the sunshine makes us smile. However it’s an energy that you can have too much off, in parts of the world where it’s too strong it can be devastating. It’s a reminder to enjoy the good the good times, but to also share that joy with others and to stay consciousness and humble.


20 Judgement A mirror. At the end of the day only you can judge you. Likewise don’t be so quick to judge others. I chose a mirror because for this card because we often seek approval from outside ourselves, this can take you away from your authentic self, you must learn to look at yourself, all aspects of yourself, and ask yourself why some things trigger your shadow, what are you repressing.


21 The World  The completion of a cycle in your life. An ending and new brighter beginnings with the advantage of learning from your experiences. You have completed a cycle in life, and go onto the next stage with a greater awareness. The future is brighter because you have worked hard this can be in a work sense or an inner sense. You no longer take things personally and know when to put your ego aside and look at facts but with wisdom and open mindedness.





In the minor arcana I have changed the court cards. The phases of the moon, ie Maiden, Mother and Crone, said to be the 3 stages of womanhood, are actually 3 stages of all humans. Beginning, middle and end and all have different qualities and energies to them. I have disregarded the old, king, queen, knight and page, because we are in a new age where patriarchal systems are being questioned as well as gender identity, with more people leaning towards a form of thinking that sees them as both energies and not wanting to identify purely based on the physical sex they were born into, or identifying more with the one they weren’t born in. A Pagan Festival is now the 4th court card and the Aces are seasonal equinoxes. For consistency I have called even the winter and summer solstices equinoxes, however in hindsight and if I bring out a second edition to this deck I will change that. However this nuance in wording doesn’t change the meaning. I have changed the suits names to correlate with energy/element of the traditional suits. I wanted my deck to be much more than a pip deck and wanted to remove the creative limitations of say trying to somehow squeeze 10 wands into an image, instead I wanted to have an image that would reflect the meanings and also inspire your own intuition.



Mind (traditional Swords) Element Air, Season Winter. Logic, science mental health, mental agility



Power over own thoughts, being able to see fact from fiction and make thoughtful and fair judgements/decisions. As a person they could represent somebody who is a mentor in learning or science or the legal system can be very pronouced.



Parent or leader, somebody highly organised and insightful. In the middle phase of life, has the advantage of still being of nimble mind and open to learning,but will have the many distractions and responsibilities of the middle stage of  life, a very busy person can be prone to mental burn out.


SEEKER Somebody undertaking learning new skills, a younger person who is fully immersed into learning new things and is able to fend off distractions to the point that may need to be reminded to have fun and enjoy time with friends and family as well.


FESTIVAL OF SAMHAIN Oct 31st the veil between the living and dead at thinnest. Is your mind playing tricks on you. Or could be this time of year will be important. Often in the suit of minds, logic leaves little room for life’s mysteries. It can be a reminder that logic and stuff that has been proven, science is only the tip of the iceberg that is life. As with all festivals it’s also a time or a reminder to have some fun


WINTER EQUINOX /SOLSTICE(ACE) Dec 21st longest night of the year. Can denote the mental stress/or excitement of this time of the year, or be more time specific. Because it’s the longest night it may also mean that you need to face some of your mental fears and blocks to determine what might be holding you back.


TWO literally being two minds about something, feeling at odds with yourself. We all have those moments when we have two choices/opportunities, both seem equal, in a reading the other cards will show what kind of decision this will be, whether career, learning, love life etc.


THREE Heartache and how it affects your mental wellbeing. Our hearts and mind can often be at odds with each other, but there is one thing that always unites them and that is heartache. An unavoidable part of life, can often lead to scars that you just learn to live with. But sometimes you will need to open wounds to heal them properly.


FOUR the need to unplug your mind and rest, it is vitality important to make this time for yourself. The mind can be both strong and fragile. Keeping its battery fully on charge all the time will only make the battery weaker in the end.


FIVE Drama, often the drama we make for ourselves. Humans love a bit of drama, without it life can seem boring, however drama can also be exhausting. Learn to pick your battles.


SIX allowing yourself a chance to escape a toxic situation, moving away from the drama and regrouping your thoughts for more positivity.


SEVEN Gossip, Slander, backstabbing. There are no ends to ways in which humans can destroy their enemies, and mostly these aren’t sword fights, often these are mental bullying, gaslightling. If you are a victim of this you need to either stand up or remove yourself from this situation as it’s harmful. If you’re the oppressor then shame on you, find a better way to get what you want.


EIGHT Feeling trapped in your own negativity, not speaking out. Often our own minds are our most confining prisons, how have you been conditioned?


NINE nightmares?. Feeling like you want to scream, feels like nobody is listening. Can denote mental illness or depression, mental burn out, its important to talk about your feelings.


TEN You feel like literally tearing your face off,  extreme frustration. Don’t worry it will get better soon, you have kind of got to the stage where it feels like world is shattering and you are now venting. Usually is the strongest that get to this stage as you don’t want to burden others with your issues so have got here all alone. But you are at a stage where something has to give and you now accept that.


Earth (traditional Pentacles) Element Earth, Season Autumn. Practical, Nature, physical health, Charity


SAGE Master of material or earthy things, at this stage the person has learnt how to acquire wealth, however they are also a philanthropist and wants to give back either to other humans or animals or nature.


ARCHITECT Parent or somebody who has a kinship with nature, a great teacher or parent, somebody who takes guardianship of others very seriously.


SEEKER a younger person who loves the outside, somebody who isn’t afraid to fight for the planet, can be an eco warrior or activist.


FESTIVAL OF LAMMAS Aug 1st. Could be a special date or harvest time, fruits of your labour/generosity. It also reminds us of community and looking out for those less fortunate.


AUTUMN EQUINOX (ACE) Sept 21st special date. Or denotes looking after your hearth. The day and night are the same length, although we will start going more into the darkness. It’s a good time to make sure you have good reserves.


TWO changes and the need to adapt to your environment, the card shows a slumbering squirrel, who has stocked up on the things that preserve their life and is sleeping soundly. Life is about balancing the forces.


THREE Skills with hands, artistic or creative. There is great joy in learning or honing your skills, you are never too old to learn.


FOUR  miserliness keeping wealth to yourself. We live in a day and age where often attaining the money to live on takes more of us that we want it to. This leads to discontent. The disparity between those who have and those that do not is getting more and more prevalent. If this has come up in your reading it doesn’t nessicarily mean you are a miser, it could mean you have some unhealthy material attachments that don’t improve your life, or that you are passionate about unfairness.


FIVE poverty having to make difficult choices, relying on others. Sometimes that hardest thing in the world to do is ask for help. Nobody likes to feel humiliated and humbled. However, often asking for helps gives others the opportunity to be humbled in a good way. Humility is one of the most precious human qualities. And those needing help often allow others the gift of being able to be generous.


SIX generosity/charity, being in a position where you can help others. You have a humble spirit that sees everybody as equal individuals and want to see others flourish.


SEVEN feeling undervalued, working hard and making a difference that isn’t acknowledged. The card shows an ant, ants are so important to the environment and our vital for the soil. However they get no thanks our credit for it, but that doesn’t means what they do isn’t worthwhile, and your must also understand you own worth and remember it you, not other people that know your worth.


EIGHT You make a massive difference even if you don’t see it. You are skilled yet humble. Sometime you work too hard, others acknowledge you which sometimes makes you feel a bit embarrassed. You must learn to accept praise and rewards.


NINE Enjoyments of earthy things, wealth, friendships and family, this is that precious sweet spot, where everything is balanced and where it should be.


TEN Achievements through hard work, often being able to either retire or travel the world as you have secured a good foundation to be able to enjoy all life offers.



Heart (traditional Cup) Element Water, Season Spring. Emotions, the arts, love, soul connections


SAGE Somebody who knows how to love at the highest level. They are almost childlike and spread joy, they do not judge others and understand that hurt people hurt. They are great natural healers,


ARCHITECT Parent or somebody well loved. Often these people will be drawn into a career that brings joy to others, or helps others find inner peace.


SEEKER a daydreamer and ethereal, not much interest in the practicalities of life, a creative and artistic soul who will often go down a creative rabbit hole. If a student they will most likely get told they don’t concentrate in class, however the fault lies with those that can’t keep their attention. Once their imagination is piqued there is no stopping them.


FESTIVAL OF IMBOLC Feb 1st time of the year or The passing of darkness and, celebrating the light. New life, and new ideas start to form.


SPRING EQUINOX (ACE) Mar 21st time of year or New Joy, new life. This time of the year can be important, or it could mean a great time to start new projects or relationships.


TWO Romance, the feeling of being in love. It might be love, but it might also just be lust and that ecstasy of new attractions.

THREE friends, family, laughter, celebration. This card can mean many things, if you haven’t seen your friends or family for a while, please make time for them. Connection to others is food for the soul.


FOUR Boredom, turning your back on love. There is almost a sense of thinking the grass is greener on the other side here, and not seeing a good thing until it leaves. Try not to be too complacent with those in your life; the most meaningful connections aren’t all about constant fireworks.


FIVE Hurting, unrequited feelings, loving or wanting somebody and not being loved or wanted back.


SIX Joyous memories, feeling a childlike excitement. Often a friend from your past makes contact, shared memories and feeling part of the world.


SEVEN Fantasies, dreams and choices. For those of us who are prone to being away with the fairies you have an active imagination, writing things down will really help make sense of stuff for you.


EIGHT seeing that something is no good for you and walking away.often signifying leaving a toxic relationship. If that relationship has been your home or your way of life it will be really hard and painful but you have to find the strength to do it. Like the dolphin in the picture who has left their home because they have released that over time it has become something quite awful. There is also a message from the planet regarding the toxicity of all of us.


NINE The wish card, one of your wishes will come true, however this isn’t always a positive thing.


TEN being surrounded by family and friends, being well loved. Finding that soul connection not just in others but also in yourself.



Spirit (traditional Wand) Element Fire, Season Summer. Logic, Dynamic, Energy, pleasure seeking


SAGE in tune with wild nature, however remains in control, somebody of leadership qualities, both harsh and gentle naturally popular take people as they are.


ARCHITECT Parent or somebody lead by instinct, can sometimes be an overly fierce and protective, somebody who is an incredible trusted friend.


SEEKER the free spirit, not much sense of foresight, lives very much in the moment, a bit of a devil may care attitude; however mostly through some divine intervention lands on their feet.


FESTIVAL OF BELTANE 1st May, time of year or a time that is of heightened sensuality, can mean new sexual experiences or spirit connections.


SUMMER EQUINOX/SOLSTICE (ACE) 21st June Longest day. Time of year or high energy, the spirit suit is all about the thrill of being alive. And nothing demonstrates that more than this card. You feel the buzz of life moving through you and that sense of excitement of what may come.


TWO The sense of being able to achieve great things, confidence and the will power to push yourself towards your goals


THREE New ventures, often travel. There is a need here to discovery new things, go on adventures, maybe encounter thrilling or dangerous things.


FOUR escaping humdrum and feeling alive and in tune with your being and feeling that connection with others, bouncing ideas off each other, drinking partying, dancing, physical pleasure.


FIVE fighting spirit, standing up for what you believe and being passionate with a belief that you can bring change into the world. Indeed, many changes in the world have been because people stood up and where counted and you’re not afraid of doing this, or the implications of it.


SIX success and achievement often after much hard work, it’s when that drive, that energy that passion have kept you going, you have taken knocks and got straight back up, dusted yourself off and got back into it and now you can see success.


SEVEN nobility and humility conflicting energies are making you see things in a new way


EIGHT swiftness, things coming quickly, often quicker than you expected, like a horse running with the wind, can be scary but exciting, just make sure you keep up.


NINE Deviance in the face of enemies, out smarting those that want to harm you, the card shows a fox getting away from a those on horseback with dogs that wish to them harm. If you look closely you will see human allies that help give them a chance of escape. Find those that have your back.


TEN Burnout, you are working too hard, get it addressed, get a holiday or time out booked and recharge with spending time with friends or family..



These meanings are very basic and are meant as prompts. Let your intuition be your guide and feel what the imagery means to you. It could be that it means something completely different than the prompts I have here. And that is perfectly acceptable. In fact it’s the way it should be. also spelling and grammar are not my strong points, if you see a mistake in the text please let me know. thank you.


Blessed be

Angela Tubb 







It's taken over 4 years of hard work, but my set is now here. 250 limited edition independent tarot cards.

Melanie Howarth of Tarot and Tea wrote me this review, it explains my deck much better than I cam.


Earth Whispers Tarot
If you are looking for a pagan, vegan, feminist deck, Earth Whispers Tarot might be the one for you. The art work is beautifully done, interesting and expressive, incorporating layers of meaning.
Artist Angela Tubb has created and self published a deck that embodies these qualities and has included some bold twists on the standard Tarot deck structure.
In the Earth Whispers Tarot deck the suits are changed slightly (Spirit=Wands, Mind=Swords, Earth=Pentacles and Heart=Cups).
Aces are replaced by  Festivals and Equinox’s replace Pages to represent the pagan Wheel of the Year. (In this deck there are four equinoxes rather than two equinoxes and two solstices. It’s something that might be jarring to some but the kind of thing that might make this limited first edition deck highly collectible in the future!)
Some of the major arcana have been retitled but this is done in a clear and recognisable way. Court cards are also different in Earth Whispers Tarot to those in a standard deck. Representative of Maiden, Mother and Crone but with non-gendered titles we have Seeker, Architect and Sage and of course the Pages as already mentioned. Strength is numbered eight and Justice is eleven.
There are a few more surprises as some of the cards depict well known and iconic figures. This is also a deck that incorporates humour.
A nice modern touch is that the decks are numbered rather than using Roman numerals, which I know many people struggle with.
The deck comes in a tuck box and has an info sheet with basic meanings intended as prompts. The author of the deck encourages you to come to your own intuitive interpretation.
The card stock is plastic coated and therefore easy to shuffle. If I have any criticism it would be that from a sensory point of view the finish on the edges could be smoother which would mean I personally would enjoy handling the cards more. (Very possibly this would not be an issue for other people and is a preference for me specifically.)
Like the author herself this deck is full of personality. I do love an indie deck and as I know the author personally this makes this deck all the more meaningful for me.
Overall this deck is unique, interesting, unconventional and fun. It is not a Rider Waite Smith clone in any way and so the intuitive meanings you get from this deck may be quite different. Due to the various changes, particularly to the Aces and Court cards. I feel this deck isn’t ideal for Tarot beginners but rather, makes a refreshing change for readers already familiar with Tarot. I also think it is a deck that collectors will love!
Melanie Howarth
Tarot And Tea