Earth Whispers limited edition Tarot Deck


It's taken over 4 years of hard work, but my set is now here. 250 limited edition independent tarot cards.

Melanie Howarth of Tarot and Tea wrote me this review, it explains my deck much better than I cam.


Earth Whispers Tarot
If you are looking for a pagan, vegan, feminist deck, Earth Whispers Tarot might be the one for you. The art work is beautifully done, interesting and expressive, incorporating layers of meaning.
Artist Angela Tubb has created and self published a deck that embodies these qualities and has included some bold twists on the standard Tarot deck structure.
In the Earth Whispers Tarot deck the suits are changed slightly (Spirit=Wands, Mind=Swords, Earth=Pentacles and Heart=Cups).
Aces are replaced by  Festivals and Equinox’s replace Pages to represent the pagan Wheel of the Year. (In this deck there are four equinoxes rather than two equinoxes and two solstices. It’s something that might be jarring to some but the kind of thing that might make this limited first edition deck highly collectible in the future!)
Some of the major arcana have been retitled but this is done in a clear and recognisable way. Court cards are also different in Earth Whispers Tarot to those in a standard deck. Representative of Maiden, Mother and Crone but with non-gendered titles we have Seeker, Architect and Sage and of course the Pages as already mentioned. Strength is numbered eight and Justice is eleven.
There are a few more surprises as some of the cards depict well known and iconic figures. This is also a deck that incorporates humour.
A nice modern touch is that the decks are numbered rather than using Roman numerals, which I know many people struggle with.
The deck comes in a tuck box and has an info sheet with basic meanings intended as prompts. The author of the deck encourages you to come to your own intuitive interpretation.
The card stock is plastic coated and therefore easy to shuffle. If I have any criticism it would be that from a sensory point of view the finish on the edges could be smoother which would mean I personally would enjoy handling the cards more. (Very possibly this would not be an issue for other people and is a preference for me specifically.)
Like the author herself this deck is full of personality. I do love an indie deck and as I know the author personally this makes this deck all the more meaningful for me.
Overall this deck is unique, interesting, unconventional and fun. It is not a Rider Waite Smith clone in any way and so the intuitive meanings you get from this deck may be quite different. Due to the various changes, particularly to the Aces and Court cards. I feel this deck isn’t ideal for Tarot beginners but rather, makes a refreshing change for readers already familiar with Tarot. I also think it is a deck that collectors will love!
Melanie Howarth
Tarot And Tea