I've just started getting back into Tarot Readings professionally. Back when I used to do it it was always in person. Today's world is a bit different. I am still available to do one to one readings for people based in the south/western part of Yorkshire or larger parties where I'm happy to travel further (Please enquire for details/bookings) However many people like emailed readings so they have it written down. This is for emails. However I can do telephone as well.

I'm a Holistic reader, I believe we are mostly the masters of our own fate, life will always send curveballs, challenges, health issues etc. And these things are often unavoidable. But much of where you are going is to do with a series of thoughts and actions implemented by you. Getting a tarot reading can help you regain control over what you can control, they can also be therapeutic and get you to rexaming where you are, what you want and where you are going.

Please ask you question in the notes and also answers the following questions so I have a feel of your energy

Cats or dogs?

Favorite colour?

Spring/summer/autumn or winter?